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Good morning, Guten Tag, Bonjour and Buon giorno!

I am Dennis from Berlin, a small town (and bestest city in the world) in the East of Germany which is somewhere near the centre of Europe. I am forty-something years old (can't remember the exact amount, too old)
I have driven in ETS and ETSMP since 2013-14 (or so) and really got the hang of it once I entered the ETSMP TS and got to know a few more experience friends who helped me get along. Once my controls were properly set up ( I am driving very smoothly with a joystick;-), I was able and enjoyed to deliver my loads in highest speeds possible (up to 150 km/h) without a scratch to me or others but thats not possible anymore which makes long-distance hauling a bit ...booooooooooring. I still enjoy driving occasionally with a few friends, but not as much as I used to drive due to the new restricitions :-/ eyesroll sadface ...
I really do not understand why people cannot simply klick ESC then LOAD LAST AUTOSAVE (now without risk of bumping into running traffic...), once a mongoloid troll rams them, happened to me sooo many times I just didnt give a f... anymore and just pressed ESC and did the reload-procedure...but the "discussion" is over...
So, I will be on ETSMP every now and then when I drive with my friends.
I love driving through Scandinavia and hauling heavy loads with my MAN truck.

Apart from trucking I am flying on FSX and X-plane (737s) and exploring the great void in Elite Dangerous and I am an armchair General in NTW and ETW (both only with DarthMod ofc). Since a few months I play the EUropa Barbarorum 2 Mod for Medieval TW 2 too, they are still working on it, wow. I am also a member of a virtual Napoleonic Prussian regiment for "Mount&Blade - Napoleonic Wars".
Apart from virtual fighting I take part in fighting for a better world in real life. Living in Berlin I took part in many demonstrations in the last years against our lobby-infiltrated government, be it the German one or the European Corruptio...errh...Commission. I have two kids, I owe them to leave a better world than we have now. Twenty years ago I thought my street-fighting years were over, but the fire has been reincinerated and goes on and on and on...
I love techno, classical music (have a playlist just for ETS'ing), almost everything, except teen girl pop and R'n'B and Rap. I am a dancer, a choir singer, a bicyclist, a fond reader of good books, in the summer I love spending my time in the garden or on my rubber boat.
I will be most active in the evenings of winter if my family allows me to ;-)

I found out about the ProMod for ETSMP by a friend (Danke Dir, Greenhunter) with whom I drove on the standard ETSMP. Always wanting to try the ProMod or the other one (TSM or sth like that), now I think is the time to try it. I hope I will be able to install it. We will see.

I wish you all a pleasant (and slowed down) experience on the Multiplayer, there my name is DennysJK_76 or DennyJK_76_GER, on steam you can find me as vCrausewitz.

See you out there!


(Trümmer-Truppe Transporte)

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14 Nov 2019 11:51

Welcome Dennis! :)
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14 Nov 2019 20:45

Dennis, also a welcome from me! :)
My English is exclusively from the Translator

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14 Nov 2019 22:14

ProMods - (senior) Beta tester.

03 Oct 2013

Virtual Transport Company GLOB TRANS PL

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Welcome Dennis!
Working somewhere near Exeter
My YouTube channel

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18 Nov 2019 06:14

Welcome Dennis! :)
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18 Nov 2019 19:48

Hi Dennis, welcome !

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