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25 Nov 2019 14:02

I really liked the ProMods as a whole, and I’m really happy the team is doing what they do to achieve this beauty. And since everything looks so nice and smooth mostly, some imperfections with the signage get even more frustrating. Entering Ukraine near Uzhhorod, there’s a sign that designates the Ukranian border, which looks like this one:
In reality it’s clearly rectangular, while in the mod it is a really small and — somehow — dark square.

Also, the road signage in Russia is not always believable. The distance signs (6.12) in-game include the road number, and the items on it are sometimes listed farthest to closest, while in reality they do not include the road number, and the items are always listed closest to farthest. The road number should be posted on a separate sign above the distance sign.

Also (but this needs checking, as I clearly do not reside in Russia), road numbers have just been like “letternumber”, e. g. “M8” or “P21”, with no dash. Has it changed recently?

Signs 5.12.2 which indicate a direction you can drive in from a certain lane have a darker shade of blue in-game, and the arrows are too thin with the dashed lines almost invisible. I'm talking of these:

Also, on road from Kandalaksha to Murmansk I’ve seen a 5.12.1 sign which was disproportionate. It should always look like this:
In-game it was proportioned with the long and short sides of the rectangle put exactly the other way around — must also be some kind of Western-European influence. =)

Moreover, I’m pretty sure 2.1 sign (priority road) is only used in Russia on intersections in built-up areas, not in the beginning of roads like it’s used in Scandinavia or Estonia or wherever else they use it like this.

Also, every road sign in Russia or Ukraine that includes a name of an object has to have the name capitalized, while additional words have to be in small letters (e. g., “PULKOVO airport”, you get the concept). This is mostly done properly with some exceptions, so almost no problems here.

As you might have noticed by now, I’m a huge road sign nerd, so if I can ever be of some help, I’ll be glad to provide all of it. (Well, you know, especially if Belarus is ever planned — this is where I know the most about signs because I actually studied the standards, the rest is just driving experience.)

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28 Nov 2019 17:17

Thank you, for the information. :)
It's appreciated!
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