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01 Dec 2019 12:25

Being from the Balkans I only care about the Balkans maps, like probably many of us from here, however every few months the Balkans map topics get locked due to mentioning of that one territory and while I support that topic not being allowed, I am outraged with the way how the situation gets "fixed" every time.

That is probably the worst possible way of handling the situation, ever, instead of simply banning users that disrespect the rules or at least just deleting one or two posts that were problematic and warning the users, what is done is that the entire topic gets locked for everyone, so a huge majority of us that want to see new screenshots, hints, discuss about roads, signs,etc. get the finger, only because of one single individual that posted something he shouldn't have.

Only and only situation where I would understand the topic being locked is if the problematic user(s) get banned and they create a new account and do it again, but as far as I know that is not the case. Locking the topic just because the sensitive topic is mentioned 2, 3 times per entire year is just pointless and doesn't achieve anything except making the sensitive topic an even bigger thing than it was before the whole locking thing and well, the finger to 99% of other users that want to talk about the maps.

Inb4 "we warned the users and they did it again, so that's why we locked it", if that's the case, then wasn't it easier to delete the one or two posts and ban the users?

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01 Dec 2019 12:48

We lock topics, so people can calm down. It will be unlocked again when a developer wants to post new pictures.
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01 Dec 2019 16:41

If people just listen to us (us as in 'The ProMods team'), locking the topic wouldn't be necessary at all.

Locking the topic is, IMO, a good way of handling the situation. Experience from the past taught me, the discussion will continue if we won't lock the topic. Deleting the posts and banning the users doesn't do that much.
And, locking the topic isn't the solution either. The topic, and thus the discussion, will come back anyhow. But it does give the users time to calm down.
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