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16 Jan 2020 13:26

I've been playing Promods for years, but after a fresh install of the latest ETS2 & Promods, the map is horribly out of sync. I have tried verifying the game on Steam and redownloading promods and the DEF file, but nothing changed.
I've searched the forum for similar problems but didn''t find any solution that worked, since a lot of them seem to be about conflicts with other mods.The only change since my previous install is the addition of the Middle East expansion included on the download page. I noticed there are a few city location conflicts in the game log, but I'm not sure whether this is normal between ProMods and Vanilla.

I'd much appreciate any help, as while the game is playable, it's slightly irritating seeing Manchester in the middle of the North Sea.

Thanks in advance.

Game log:

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16 Jan 2020 15:03


wrong load order - check here for the right load order: viewtopic.php?f=42&t=29618
In addition, you are missing the middle-east add-on for Google Maps Navigation Mod: ... iddle-east

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16 Jan 2020 16:14

Thank you so much! Everything seems to be working now 😅

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