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22 Mar 2020 12:57


I don't want to make a map mod. All want to do is change signs. Signs in yksrsk are not realistic. With rttbs dlc, Turkey has original signs now. So, all I want to do is change the signs in yksrsk with the real ones to make it more realistic. But I don't know how can I change the signs and how can I save it. I've watched a lot of tutorials but since I won't be adding new sectors, I didn't understand how can I save the map. Help me please.

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22 Mar 2020 13:54

Hey okan55avci! :)
Its easy...
Heres an good tutorial for saving map sectors by Plum (btw sorry for the ping now :P )
Plum™ wrote:
16 Aug 2019 22:16
Here I explain how the folder structure for map should work:

Well in your /base/map/ folder is a /europe/ folder which has the sectors in, if you have the sector overlay by pressing A a few times (you may have to zoom out) you should be able to see what sector you are working in. In the /europe/ there are the sector files, all you need to do is find your sector (or sectors.) So lets say your sectors are +0015 -0003 you search for them and there should be 4 files: .desc, .data, .aux, .base. So with our sector it would be +0015 -0003.desc, +0015, +0015 -0003.aux and +0015 -0003.base. Now that you have your sectors, you need to overwrite the defualt promods sectors sectors to do this you need to make in your /mod/ folder a

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and copy your sectors into there. (The z in front of mod_yourname is there to show the game it has to load first) Now when you enter the game again the sectors will be overwritten with your name. Now next time you save after you worked and closed the game you need to get your 4 sector files and just replace the exsisting ones in /mod/z_mod_yourname/map/europe/.

Hope this helps :)
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23 Mar 2020 09:41

Problem solved, thank you scan720 :)

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