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[IMPORTANT] Known bugs in ProMods Canada 1.2.5a – CHECK BEFORE REPORTING A BUG

Posted: 01 Aug 2013 11:39
by ScuL
Please check this topic before you report a bug on the ProMods map!
Also, check the titles of recent reports and use the search function to double-check your issue has not already been reported.
Before reporting a bug please read How to report a bug, thank you!

These bugs have been confirmed and will be fixed for the next update:
  • :flag_us: :flag_ca: Job generation between both countries except Omak and Bellingham doesn't work together despite for fixed border road connections in 1.2.5a
  • :flag_us: The road that leads to Deepgrove company not far from Bellingham has navigation issue that it can't make GPS route through and it affects job generation for this specific company
  • :flag_us: Missing mileage that says XX for Bellingham and Vancouver BC on the road sign beside on I-5 motorway outside Everett - REPORT
  • CRASH - Chance of experiencing a game crash in convoy mode - REPORT

Click on 'REPORT' next to a bug to see the original report for more information about the bug. If there is no report link then the bug has only been reported internally. Please note that only major bugs are listed here. We don't list every bug reported as this would clog the list with minor bugs that are unlikely to be reported again.