[TUTORIAL] How To Install & Update ProMods Canada [1.2.2] !FOR ATS!

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This tutorial is to show you how to install and update ProMods Canada for ATS

ProMods Canada 1.2.2 requires the Oregon DLC, Washington DLC and American Truck Simulator v1.46 in order to work.
The browser used in in this tutorial is Google Chrome.
This tutorial has been made using Windows 10 64-bit.
There are no guarantees it will work the same way on other systems, but it generally should.

If your game crashes after installing try re-downloading the files.
If you have problems downloading the files try a different browser (Internet Explorer might have issues while downloading).
If you have problems installing after following this tutorial, post your issue here.
If you are using MAC then you might want to check out the guide (Not made yet!).
If you have trouble downloading the files check out this before asking.

You will need 7-zip in order to extract the mod files
This tutorial covers only the free installation method
Click on the images to see at full resolution if necessary

  1. Installing ProMods
1. Installing ProMods

Step #1
Click the ProMods Canada button on the Board Index page.

Step #2
Click the link to generate your def file. It should open in a new window or tab. Remember to keep the other window / tab open too!

Step #3
Now set the Cabin interior sound level, Damage level, Vegetation drawing distance and Colour settings.

Click the Generate button and download your def file. Place it somewhere where you can find it with ease.

After you have downloaded your def file you can close the Download definitions window / tab.

Step #4
On the Installation window / tab, click Go to step 2.

Step #5
Click on the Standard Download button.

Step #6
Download the file into the same folder where the def file is located.

When you click on the download links you need to wait until the progress bar finishes, then the download should start automatically. Make sure you disable your ad-blocker before downloading!

Once you have downloaded all the files the result should look like this:

Step #7
Open promods-ats-v100.7z with 7-Zip.

Once you have opened the file with 7-Zip click on the Extract button.

Click OK in order to start the extraction process. This may take some time depending on your system.

Once the extraction process is complete you may close the window.

Step #8
Now select promods-ats-assets-v100.scs, promods-ats-def-v100.scs, promods-ats-map-v100.scs and promods-ats-models-v100.scs with Rectangle Select or CTRL + Left Click.

Right Click one of the selected files and choose Cut or Copy.

Open your mod folder (usually located at C:\Users\User\Documents\American Truck Simulator\mod). Right Click in it and choose Paste.

Now your mod folder should look like this (it might have more mods in it though):

Step #9
Launch American Truck Simulator. Then in the Profile Selection select the profile you wish to have ProMods Canada in and click the Mod Manager button.

Select one of the ProMods Packages by clicking on it.

Then click the arrow button in order to enable the mod package.

Repeat this until you have all the four files listed in the Active Mods list like in the image below. It is advised to have the definitions package at the top of all ProMods files.

And finally click the Confirm Changes button.

You have now installed ProMods Canada. If you like ProMods Canada you can support the development by donating!

Happy trucking!
- ProMods Team
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