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PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One

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28 Oct 2013 17:05

I think you mean you can basically do nothing with it... now you say you can't do nothing with it so you can do everything with it :p
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07 Dec 2013 12:49

ScuL wrote:I love my PS3 and still have at least 6 games that I haven't had time to finish which is going to take me a few more years so no PS4 for me (yet).

I really don't understand why anybody would want an Xbox One comparing all of the flaws with the PS4

same as you man...
i think its not neccessary to change the ps3 without any problems to a some new games ...battlefield,gt6 maybe,gta i stay at it.i think this 400 euros (or what it costs) are better spend to another thing.

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