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08 Sep 2023 02:02

Important Information about the DLC Support Package

Since ETS2 1.48 SCS have added a new method to add functionality for certain additional DLCs.
Because this system stupidly only supports .zip extensions we have been forced to add an additional package in the 2.66 release called promods-dlcsupport-v266.zip

If you have either the Krone, Feldbinder or Special Transport DLCs;

This package will enable extra features in ProMods to support those DLCs

If you do not have any of these DLCs;
Then the package is redundant and may be deleted

The loading order / position of the package is irrelevant. It can be anywhere.

NOTE 1: This new system also makes the def generator checkbox for Special Transport redundant. There is now only one def file.
NOTE 2: The file must *NOT* be extracted. This will possibly crash the game.
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