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10 Feb 2024 16:44

Hello. I kept finding a lot of problems on the map in Denmark, you don't go well for 50 km and you hit an invisible wall that gives you 100 damage to the truck as well as the trailer and the load. You don't want to play anymore when you see so many bugs, and only this bug with this wall.
I will leave the pictures of the problem below.

I also have a video if you want to see the problem I reported in more detail.

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11 Feb 2024 11:28

Hello, I just saw your message, and I have the same problem in Germany, every 2 to 6 km I encounter an invisible wall and I cannot progress on my mission.

Is this a bug for you? where the charm order is not correct?

Where does it conflict with other mods?

I have the Rusmap with Promods and the Promods addons.

I watched videos on the loading order and did the same so I think I didn't make a mistake on the loading order.

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11 Feb 2024 14:10

I don't have other map modes than promods, I don't use rusmap or other maps compatible with Promods. It seems silly to me and you can't play quietly by these invisible walls.

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11 Feb 2024 22:34

There are no such invisible walls in ProMods.

Do not forget that it is entirely possible for OTHER mods to cause conflicts and create problems like this. For instance fuel station, company replacement or other similar "realism" mods that have included vanilla map sectors. When the vanilla map sectors then conflict with ProMods map sectors you get these kind of problems.

Disable ALL mods except for ProMods and then try again.
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11 Feb 2024 22:44

This is most likely caused by PNG
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