How to Report a Bug & How to become a Beta Tester

Please report bugs you encounter here.

Please DO NOT report game crashes or installation issues here!
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Before you report a bug, please check if the bug is already known:

2.68 has been released please post issues with 2.68 only
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We're always looking to improve our map as much as possible; while we test our mods as thoroughly as possible before we release an update, some bugs still slip through. If you find an issue or bug with our mods we appreciate you reporting it to us here on this forum. In order for us to manage bug reports effectively, we ask that you follow the following bug report guidelines when reporting bugs on our map. Being active on our bug report forums also means we may invite you to become a ProMods beta Tester to assist us with reporting bugs on unreleased versions of our mods. More details will follow below.


Bug Report Guidelines
Please follow these guidelines when reporting bugs.

To report a bug in ETS2 use our Bug Reports ETS2 forum.
To report a bug in ATS use our Bug Reports ATS forum.
If you are experiencing gameplay issues such as game crashes when loading our mods, use our Gameplay Issues ETS2 or ATS respectively. We also have support channels on our Discord Server.

Before reporting bugs, navigate to your 'Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2' folder, open config.cfg using a text editor like notepad and change the following lines from:

Code: Select all

g_developer "0"
g_console "0"

Code: Select all

g_developer "1"
g_console "1"
This will allow you to get the co-ordinates needed for your bug report.
First check that the bug hasn't been reported already
Check the Known Bugs List ETS2 and ATS for a list of major bugs that have already been reported.
When reporting bugs we ask that you ensure that the bug is only present when only official ProMods mods are being loaded.
Other mods may overwrite ProMods content and produce bugs that otherwise wouldn't exist.

Please use the following post format when reporting bugs:

[mod version number] <description of the bug>
e.g. "[2.69] Tree on the road on the BAB13 interchange near Dresden"

  • Co-ordinates
  • Image
  • game.log
  • further description/other useful information


When you find a bug in game, we recommend following these steps to make the bug reporting process easier:
  • Point the camera at the bug and ensure it is visible
  • Press [Shift]+[F11] to open the in-game bug report window. This will also take a screenshot of the bug.
  • Write a description of the bug in the bug report window
  • Press report. (This will not send the bug to SCS software. It will only write a new line in your local 'bugs.txt' file.
Once you've finished playing and closed the game, follow these steps to report the bug to us:
  • Navigate to our bug report forum and create a new post. Fill in the subject line.
  • Navigate to your 'Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2' folder to find and open the "bugs.txt" file
  • Copy the co-ordinates and paste them into your report.
  • Navigate to your 'Euro Truck Simulator 2/screenshots' folder and find the image of the bug you're reporting
  • Upload the image to a photo sharing site (for example Imgur, which doesn't require an account to upload images)
  • Paste the link to your image in-between 'img' tags, for example:

    Code: Select all

  • Navigate to your 'Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2' folder to find and open the "game.log.txt" file
  • Copy the entire game.log and paste it in-between 'code' tags. If the game.log exceeds the post character limit, upload the game.log to a site like Pastebin.
  • In your post, include any other information that may help us find or reproduce the bug.
Please only include one bug report per post.
This helps us organise bug reports and co-ordinate them with our internal bug-tracking software.

Thank you for helping us make ProMods an even better experience for everyone!

Becoming a ProMods Beta Tester

We invite people into our beta testing team based on the quality and quantity of bugs that they're reporting on our forum. If you wish to become a ProMods Beta Tester and test upcoming versions of our mod, all you have to do is keep an eye out for bugs and report them here on our forum!


Beta Testers are crucial for ensuring we're able to put out robust, bug-free releases. We're looking for testers that are active in the community and produce high-quality bug reports.
Please keep in mind that as with all positions in the ProMods Team, this is a voluntary position.


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