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18 Oct 2021 14:45

SomehowLucky wrote:
02 Aug 2021 17:43
How can i change the background image when you toggle A in camera view? A toggles the image and also lets you see the developed area. Let's say this was what i wanted to alter. I want to try making a map mod, but i don't want to just guess where the road might be. There are no tutorials on how to do this.
Not sure if you are still looking but I found this video by Digital X very useful in helping me create the background map I needed for Alberta, Canada. Hopefully it works for you as well. ... RU&index=1

And hopefully I do not break any rules here by posting the link to the Youtube video here.


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11 Nov 2021 23:27

hi all, i have troubles to edit an old map, and for updating it i use this guide:

How to convert map
Temporarily store vegetation.old.sii file into /def/world/vegetation.old.sii to make old definitions of vegetation profiles accessible.
Store this replacement script Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\replace.sii
Open the map in the editor
If the log contains references to missing road looks
Provide dummy definitions for them. Otherwise the editor will crash during save or some other operations.
Locate items using those dummy definitions and change them to other suitable looks

But i still dont get in the editor, this is my game.log:

I dont no what i do wrong!
Please help!
I Play euro truck simulator for fun, and I find the game and promods very cool! I love it!!!
And Uses promods sinds 1.35.

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04 Dec 2021 13:22

Hello there, i have problems with modding. While i rebuild a map i getting these invalid item messeges,
/model2/vegetation/grass/fr_grass_city.pmg all over. i dont understand why, even if i use the origenal non updated map, i still getting those messages. Can someone tell me why the editor does that?
I Play euro truck simulator for fun, and I find the game and promods very cool! I love it!!!
And Uses promods sinds 1.35.

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17 Dec 2021 05:37

I am very new to apping so I hope people don't mind if I have a lot of questions to help me get started?

Firstly I want to make a 1 way street with 5 lanes, which is made up of 2 bus lanes, 2 traffic lanes and a traffic lane with parked cars.
What is the best way to achieve this?

Second, How do I put kerbs on each side?

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20 Dec 2021 17:47

Hi scotth. Making a new road type like you describe is an expert level task. You'd also need to learn to make new prefab junctions, to connect the road. If you're new to map modelling, you might be best to start with getting familiar with working with the basic prefab junctions and roads first. There's some good youtube tutorials cover how to get started, including content from the Promods guys. Good luck. Hope to see your content one day, in 'show your work'

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25 Dec 2021 00:49

I have downloaded the SCS Fontgen for 1.43, and extracted it. How do I get started with using it?

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25 Dec 2021 20:04

Here you go - SCS Forum
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13 Jan 2022 13:31

hi leute ich hab mal eine frage ich möchte ja die BAB 44 von Dortmund nach Kassel umbauen ich habe aber zb ka. wie man eine Brücke baut zb für das Autobahnkreuz Dortmund/Unna. Vll kann mir jemand ein Tutorial in Videoform zeigen oder ein paar Tipps geben.

Hi I have a question I want to rebuild the BAB44 from Dortmund to Kassel but I do not have a clue how to build a bridge for the motorway crossing Dortmund/Unna. Maybe someone can show me a video tutorial or give me some tips.
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13 Jan 2022 17:41

Best is to look at existing structures and trying to replicate those first. Bridges are usually made using a "Railing" property of a road element.

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07 Apr 2022 18:01

Hello, I'm encountering a small problem. Could someone please tell me how exactly does the "Remove semaphores" option in Traffic area properties work? I've been rying to remove a pair of useless semaphores on a prefab (like SCS did it in e.g. Riga) but it doesn't work, though I tried to do it the same way like SCS did. What am I doing wrong?


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