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Re: Modding Q&A

Posted: 15 Nov 2023 20:42
by Axel Slingerland
Can anyone tell me how to find the format of a DDS image for ETS2, using Paint.Net? I tried to use some loading images I made that worked fine in 1.34, but now I have 1.40, the last non-Steam version, and they show up in the game as a solid pink. Or at least what my quirky laptop displays as pink...

Re: Modding Q&A

Posted: 19 Nov 2023 16:15
by cukiniacc
Good evening, gentlemen!

I'm currently having a problem regarding traffic and/or road connections. As you can see in the embed image, I have a road (it road 1 tmpl) affected by a 40 km/h sign (speedlimit 40 ba) and it's connected to a prefab (rail2 x road1 narrow 01 fr), on the right lane there's a DEAD END reported by the traffic tool that reads "car". On the left lane there doesn't seem to be any problem. I think it's properly connected but I'm a little bit lost.

I would appreciate any kind of help!


Re: Modding Q&A

Posted: 06 Dec 2023 17:00
by jackydd2
Hello Everyone,

I am trying to add a company (HMS to be specific) In ATS, I have the Companie Placed In Billings Now what do i do?

I have followed numerous tutorials and in the past i have had success. But since around 1.46/47 I have not been able to add.

In short, how to i add HMS to Billings where i can choose and deliver loads?