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Game crashes?

The most common reasons for game crashes are the following:

Incomplete or corrupt archives

Please check if your mods show in the mod manager with an icon and a description, if they do not, please read the unpacking guide.

Forgotten or corrupt def file

Many people are trigger happy and forget step 1 of the download process. Please don't forget to generate your def file.

If the def file does not load correctly it can be that something went wrong during its generation or the download process. You can test if your def file is error-free by opening it with 7-zip or WinRAR and hitting the TEST button. Some browsers or download managers can cripple the def file during download, if this is the case, please disable your download manager and/or try a different browser.

Missing DLCs

Going East and Going North (Scandinavia) are both required for ProMods to run succesfully. If you don't have the DLCs you will need to obtain them or downgrade your ETS2 version to 1.18 and run ProMods 1.91.

Incompatible game version

Please ensure that the version of your ETS2 installation is compatible with the version of ProMods as described on the compatibility page.

Other mods that are incompatible

If you are loading other mods that may be incompatible, this could cause crashes. Please try and run the mod with the ProMods files enabled only and see if this works.

When nothing works

Please find your game.log.txt in the ETS2 documents folder and paste it on the forums using [code] tags. If the file is too big, use an uploading service such as You can post your crash with a description and the log file in the Gameplay issues forum.

Hope we helped you!

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